Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hey Amigos, just got back from the cphoto/ ivory press kick off, and thanks so much to those who came. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE post all questions and comment from today here and we can clean up the list and have all questions ready to be answered for Thursday.

And now I totally understand why yesterday when I was blabbing and blabbing about my work everyone was confused! Despite the tremendous confusion about the purpose of the taller, I think this is going to be amazing. And I would like to thank everyone for helping to make my exhibition possible... I am so genuinely appreciative.

See you tomorrow, my compadres.


Hola Amigos, acabo de volver de la cphoto / press de marfil lanzar, y gracias a los que vinieron. POR FAVOR, POR FAVOR, POR FAVOR, puesto todas las preguntas y comentarios a partir de hoy aquí y podemos limpiar la lista de todas las preguntas y han dispuesto a responder para el jueves.

Y ahora estoy totalmente de entender por qué ayer, cuando yo era Blabbing y Blabbing todo el mundo acerca de mi trabajo fue confundido! A pesar de la tremenda confusión acerca del propósito de la más alta, creo que este va a ser increíble. Y me gustaría dar las gracias a todos por ayudar a hacer mi exposición sea posible ... Estoy muy agradecida realmente.

Hasta mañana, mis compadres.


edit the work after making it,

need concept, one idea

tighter edit

place for exhibit of process

solely text quotes taken out of context

family photos

photos of self

portraits of lavapies neighbors



El barrio de Lavapiés, laboratorio de interculturalidad by Mayte Gómez


We are still open to the idea of making photos on the day of the exhibit, but we will revisit it on Monday next week once the more time sensitive stuff is done. I think it's a great idea, but it's taking on more work for you guys so we'll see what you think at the beginning of the week.

And my Spanish is getting better. By the end of the week I should be up to a 10 word vocabulary.

Todavía estamos abiertos a la idea a hacer fotos en el día de la exposición, pero vamos a volver el lunes de la próxima semana, una vez más el tiempo cosas sensibles que se hace. Creo que es una gran idea, pero está teniendo más trabajo para ustedes, así que veremos lo que piensa al principio de la semana.

Y mi español está mejorando. A finales de la semana que debería ser de hasta el vocabulario de 10 palabras.



Hola. This taller is about creating and curating an exhibition, and although there was a confusion due to the taller description I have great hopes and expectations that this will be an amazing experience for all of us.

Today, we're going out around Lavapies to site potencial exhibiton spots and we are going to work on the newspaper, some great ideas have already come up in terms of how to structure it and I think the double spread will ato class will be over 1/2 hour early and I am hoping everyone will be able to attend the talk at Ivory Press tonight.

Wednesday, a TV crew is coming to film us for a little bit.. I have to check the time... and we will go out again in Lavapies and you guys will take photos, your own photos for the newspaper, or, if you don't want to make images, to work on text for the newspaper spread. Following that we'll discuss logistical issues regarding the exhibition, which are pretty pressing.

See you in a bit!

Hasta luego!


next to carrefour with photo of next to carrefour_9508 web

Maybe fewer and bigger images... 5 or 6 at points surrounding the indoor/outdoor slideshow.

Tal vez menos imágenes y grande imágenes... 5 o 6 en los puntos que rodea el interior o pase de diapositivas al aire libre


Hi Laura, I believe the newspaper is "newspaper" sized and I know it's a tight time constraint... particularly since half the class thought it was a photography workshop and not a curatorial workshop! We can talk about it today before we go out to check out the spaces...

And Rocio, I think that El Solar is a place that Lucia from La Casa Encendida suggested too... let's swing by it today! A bar there is great.

hasta luego, mi amigos.


Hi, guys
I can’t tell much about the location because I don’t know very much the neighborhood, so I could have an opinion this evening (in situ) when we go around it.
On the other hand, I am worried about the newspaper. Zoe, do you know the size of it? It’s like an ordinary newspaper or just a brochure? It will be interesting to reflect all the process of the workshop but on Thursday we’ll be at the halfway of the process.
Maybe we could show that parallel universe but in this case between Philadelphia and Lavapiés, comparing photos about those two places. What do you think about?


what about "el solar" de calle olivar? I could ask for permission. They have light and a big white wall where they screen movies. Also they have a bar inside!
I can't copy the link (?) so check it out at googlemaps Calle Olivar, 48

see you later



Google Map- La Casa Encendida


Exposición patrocinada por Ivory Press

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