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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hey guys! Sorry I couldn't come yesterday, I was feeling a bit ill but now it's much better :)

Zoe, do we have to pick an image from your flickr? Is that the homework for the weekend? ;)

Carolina and Zoe suggested I could help with the introductory text for the newspaper, as I don't have any pictures. I don't know if I was still on time, but I sent it to Carolina today... I'll also post it here to know if it's ok for you:


Los comisarios del taller de fotografía de Zoe Strauss toman el barrio cámara en mano.

¿Centro de Madrid o South Philadelphia? A miles de kilómetros de las calles que suelen servir de escenario a las acciones de la fotógrafa estadounidense, veinte jóvenes comisarios retratan el popular barrio madrileño que, como si de un suburbio de Philadelphia se tratase, acoge esta vez las potentes imágenes de Strauss que no dejarán indiferente a nadie.

Hugs and good weekend!



Pictures from the workshop, little prints

my choice: mc donalds picture


Pictures from the workshop, little prints

too much good stuff for selecting just one.... here it is my choice...today


Pictures from the workshop, little prints

It is incredibly hard for me to choose an image from your flickr,
but these are to me very very strong.

Have a great weekend you all.


Test copies for the little prints

Rocío, the test copies are perfect... I'll have everything to print on Monday.


Final route of the exhibition

Buenos noches!

Not that you need to know this, but I came back to mi casa pequeño and fell asleep immediately and just woke up to do some work right now, at 1:30AM. I know, it's sick.

Here's the final route of the exhibition.

google map La Casa Encendida

Solar webpage

Oh, it's on Madrid! It's on! Es el, Madrid!

I should be out examining light levels but I'm going to sleep instead.

Here's my flickr page... http://www.flickr.com/photos/27822510@N00/

Not everything is up for contention. For example,almost all of the recent love letters project photos are installation shots for my friends project... but everything goes up for everyone to see.

And hopefully there will be more books on Monday, but if not PLEASE share them! Gracias!

Con Amor,


Exposición patrocinada por Ivory Press

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