The red hair elder lady - just met her and believe Rocío did too

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Just met her and believe Rocío did too.....right? (yes, it seems we are all neighbours)
She was walking her dog and, unfortunately, when I explained her everything and asked for her permission to hang the photo she said out loud:
Nooooooooooooo, I don't want my picture out in the street, because my "children" would kill me. No, no.....

I guess you will need more shots Zoe...


Takuma is out sick today, but here's his image for Carolina to download.


two suggestions:

1_zoe, do you have any idea of how do you want to locate the a3/a4 pictures? maybe (just maybe, this is just brainstorming) it could be ok if the pictures could suggest the exterior itinerary like little "image tips". if that´s a linear thing it would be easier to appeal people or attract attention, so it would be impossible not to see them, since isolated spots are more improbable to get by and the size it´s kind of small.

so the idea could be 5 isolated spots for the really big pictures and a linear itinerary between them marked by the little ones. and when a certain time arrives maybe people can take them home (just the same at in i-95).

2_ i can draw a map in autocad for a flyer or whatever to suggest the itinerary(i have a madrid map autocad file)




the prices for digital color copies:
size A4 500 copies = 0.15€ = 75€ (1 copy 0.50)
size A3 500 copies = 0.35 = 175€ (1 copy 1.20)

If we want half A4 and half A3 I can arrange the same price.

Here it is the address for the people who asked me yesterday:
Puerta del Sol, 4 5ºplanta, next to the "guerrilleros" shoes shop, the name is TUS IDEAS


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