I need blank DVD

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Todos III was closed and that's the only spot I know to buy recordable cds/dvds so IF ANYONE COULD PLEASE BRING 2 BLANK DVDS OR 4 CDS THAT WOULD BE GREAT! If not, could someone please ask at La Casa Encendida if they have a few we could have and if they don't someone has to go and buy them!

Muchas gracias!



Who is riding who, now? ;-)
Communication: any online ideas?


Article - El Mundo (thanks for scanning, Rocío)

Article - El Mundo newspaper

(thanks for scanning, Rocío)


Communication for exhibition

Hey guys, just thinking....

Should't we, as curators, have something in hand to communicate the exhibition online?

I was hoping to send some friends an email to share with them about what we've been doing and to invite them to come around on saturday night.

La Casa has produced these bright green postcards. It's cool but the information is not complete and it is not altogether.

Any ideas?



Hola. Today we need to split the class in 2... they need the design for your exhibition vinyl immediately. Coco, can you pump out a PDF or Illustrator file today?

And Julien has the papering supplies so I need people to help in the street with testing and making sure that the photos will hold for the night.

Also, I need people to go to store and ask if it's possible to put photos in the windows just for the night... not on the windows, but inside the windows, and we can do that on Friday. I will need at least 2 people to do that today.

Be ready to go.


murphy's law

Hi Zoe
we can't read the hard disc you gave me yesterday. could you record everything in a disc and bring it here today? Puerta del Sol, nº 4, 5ºfl
i am sending you an email with my phone number in case you need to contact me.



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