Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Buenos Dias, mi amigos! Right to work, right to work.

1. You guys have to make your own prints for the show and I am giving 100 euros to do it. Today you have to decide the sizes, where they are going to get made, when they are going to get made, how they will be adhered to the wall, who will execute the installation of the photos, and find out the time frame of when the photos should be hung from Maria at La Casa Encendida.

2. I am very happy with the adhesion test for the outside photos. I think the brown craft paper looked amazing. It's fully appropriate as a defining separation from the wheat pasted posters and allows enough of the background images to show through. And, thanks to Aitor and Sylvia, there's a number of stores to put the photos in! On Friday, we'll begin installation in the store windows and on Saturday do the exterior paste up.

3. Today we need to nail down what supplies are needed for Saturday, the sizes of the windows that will get the brown craft paper. I need to know the store where Julien got the supplies and we need to triple them. We also need a "enjugador de goma"

I am still waiting to hear about the budget and the solar and will let you know asap as soon as I do. From today, until Thursday night I am working on the slide show.


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