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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hey guys, just thinking....

Should't we, as curators, have something in hand to communicate the exhibition online?

I was hoping to send some friends an email to share with them about what we've been doing and to invite them to come around on saturday night.

La Casa has produced these bright green postcards. It's cool but the information is not complete and it is not altogether.

Any ideas?


Coco Moya said...

Well i have a blog about stuff in madrid, you can check it here: I can send it there.

We can make a little mailing as you said, and add a photo, the link to the blog, etc. Also it could be nice an event in facebook, in twitter, and flicker, for example.

Anyway I think la casa will make their own adds for the event, and they have better contacts than us, maybe, no?

What do you think?

ZS said...

I think both Dolores and Coco are super!

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