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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hello, hello mi amigos.

1. The theater doors are a great sight line and I was wondering if we can ask for no parking in front of theater doors for the night of the show? And should we ask the theater to use those doors for the night or just go for it?

2. We need white glue or another water soluble adhesive, double sided tape and large sheets of white or "natural" colored paper. Can this all be gotten at Artesania Chopo or is there a better place? And what about a roll of craft paper? That might be cheap and get the job done. Or whitewash over the posters where the small ones are going? Can someone help me out with getting these supplies? I've got cash for them!

3. Can the places to hang the big photos be firm by Tuesday?

4. In terms of the smaller ones, I think we have to have a test run on Tuesday, with paper and glue and tape to see how it will hold up for the night.

5. Lucia will know for sure about the Solar tomorrow, and when she has confirmation, we can work on electricity for the projector. Also, it will be amazing to get into that spot to have a sense how the show can be set up.

6. The projector in the classroom doesn't have a connecting cord, so could someone please help me ask for that on Monday? I might be able to do it beforehand, but I'm not counting on it. Also, I could someone help me confirm that 2 laptops will be available for the night of the show.

7. Mi Espanol es no mejor. So I am graciously requesting that if you guys have anyone who you think would both be a good subject for a portrait AND would be into making the portrait, PLEASE hook me up.

8. POR FAVOR! If anyone sees the Twins PLEASE stop them and ask if it would be possible to make a formal portrait of them. I just love them so much.


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Dolores said...

Hey Zoe,

6. Lucía had mentioned they would rent a good projector for the big night...
Unless they have changed their mind, that was the plan to make sure we would have enough lumens (light while projecting) no matter the conditions of the place we are doing it (since that has not been set yet)
Do you want the projector's cord for the class monday or you were thinking on using it on the show itself?
Also, instead of laptops, it was mentioned to have regular DVD players. Since you are asking for 2 laptops I feel that for some reason you prefer it to be laptops, is it correct?

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