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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

EVENT: Exhibition activity during Noche en Blanco
DATE: 19/08
BUDGET: 500€

ACTIVITY I - NEWSPAPER double page for us to create something

DUE date: Thursday 10SEPT (when Carolina will be with us)
Characteristics: Open sheet: 57,5 cm (width) 40,5 cm (high) - Margins: 1,5 cm
We decided that people would take pictures and get stories from characters around the neighbourhood and THEN on thursday we will choose what to do in therms of layout (between the space we have in this printed support and blog we can create with more info and content about it)

We need to have in mind that this double page dimension is something less than twice (2x) the size of a laptop (portatil) and that to have 20 images there would mean that each one should be around 10 x 10cm (less than a regular picture 10 x 15cm) and maybe it would look too crowded (if I made the maths correctly)

Due date to send files to be print: Wednesday 16SEPT

1) 5 or 6 big images - sizes? Prices? Vendors?

I think that if it's not a Casa Encendida vendor (with a price agreement), it's difficult to print out 5 big images with 400€ - Any banner 4 x 3m costs around 150EUR – printed image with proper holes with metal rings to hang
If we need prices from vendors we need to ask maximum friday 11SEPT
- material to hang (fishing line can take up to 10 kilos, silvertape

- Possible locations:

1 El solar

2 Carrefour's wall (orange hair lady) – ask for permission in the apartments, get contact, telephone number, advise time we will be there to hang it on Sat, 19th)

3, 4, 5, 6?

(I thought about putting up an image at the the square of the library - biblioteca - itself)
Example: If she decides to print out the picture of gipsy girls' arm (mujer putilla) I thought about using the place – structure below -  it's not a wall, but I think that the line ideas she was telling us may work in this structure. Not sure if you think people will see it well. comments?

2) 500 small colour copies for 75€ (budget mentioned during class)
way to stick it up? (regular tape?)

1)How many projectors there are, what is its lumens capacity? (capacidad de luminosidad)?
In the market there are projectors from 1200 to more than 2800 lumens. I believe that since it's night, there will be no problem, but this is something we have to make sure beforehand to guarantee a good projection.
Preguntar Casa Encendida

2)How many DVD players? (since being on the street is a possibility, it's safer to have 140€ dvd players than computers)
Preguntar Casa Encendida

3)Projection screens? (If it's decided not to be projected on the walls due to image quality reasons – if we think wall is fine, we may consider to test it someday this week around 22h to make sure that light is fine.
Preguntar Casa Encendida

4)Supports for projectors, DVD – enough high
We have to make sure it is big enough to have dvd and projector sitting on it and thats it's high enough (the farther you go with projector, the bigger is the image, but less is the resolution and the light
Preguntar Casa Encendida

5)Security people to be with projectors.
Would they be willing to let us someone for the night? Or should we do it less hours (just 2, for example) and be ourselves during the set up, projection AND dismount – we have to remember that after projecting we will have to get everything back to La Casa Encendida.
Preguntar Casa Encendida

6)Eletricity outside
Is Casa Encendida willing to get the permission from cityhall (is there time?) to get the energy from the street pole? If so, do cityhall send someone with cables, tools to do it? Also, if we want to test the projection before the big night (noche en blanco) we need to make sure we have cables to do it on the street (maybe we can test it at casa encendida's terraza (open air) with their maintenance people help, just to have an idea of light). Generators? Cables – regletas, etc.
Preguntar Casa Encendida

with elements (pictures, drawings, writings) about the curatorial process to be exhibited during Noche en Blanco
¿Ask Casa Encendida for a place to to set up this panel and also their support to print pictures, material to use?

What else?


angela said...

I think all of your questions are of great value, and we should really take all these matters into account before friday.

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