Wednesday, September 9, 2009


About the size of each picture on the newspaper, I think the designer should decide. Then we can put the full size picture or more pictures on the blog.

The color copies is 500 for 0.15 =75€. so if you want less i could arrange the same price 0.15.

I have talked with the woman who lives in the carrefour building. she told me that she does not know the neigbours on that corner. we just need to go and ask.

For the big pictures I have found this: (look under "lonas") and they have many stores in madrid; or in Alcorcon; here with some prices but not the exact thing we want but they do it in 24hs



Anonymous said...

Hola Rocío! I was so asleep last night that I mixed things up. Just corrected the amount: 500 copies for 75€.
It's corrected now! saludos.

Anonymous said...

Also, if we need to check a couple of vendors to print out the pictures, I've worked before with this one - they are very professional and quick. We could ask Zoe for an idea of sizes info and ask for a proposal.

Rocío Varela Confalonieri said...

if you worked with them before, great! better than a new one

ZS said...

Muchas gracias! I am waiting to hear back from my Ivory Press friend and will know by tomorrow what's happening with the printing

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