Wednesday, September 9, 2009

hi everyone!


1_ in relation to the newspaper, i really don´t think it should seem crowded. also it depends on what we want to show. if everybody wants to show a really good picture it will result a mess. anyway if what we want is a "story", or a "plot", or a "game", an "explanation"...then we really don´t need space for 20 big pictures at high resolution.

these are some images of architectural competition panels ("urban acción 2" competition) which tell a story about the city and i think they are totally understandable.


Aitor Aguirre said...

"if everybody wants to show a really good picture it will result a mess. "???
Sorry, I don´t get it

angela said...

i meant that a good picture at a high resolution requires lot of space, and it´s pretty difficult to get the sapce in order to appreciate. that was what i meant. sorry for the misunderstanding!

Aitor Aguirre said...

Well, that´s your opinion, I don´t agree. I can see a lot of examples about that on Photography publishings. I´ll take to the class.

I think Ignacio´s original idea is a nice thing to do, where everybody at the workshop is involved and represented.
About the design, I think one day to design games, maps or whatever is harder than to design a 20 photos thing (Who I suppose is already almost done by Carolina)

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